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Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:04 pm
by lollerdude98
After hearing Zapper's well-thought plan, Loller radioed Steven. "Steven, I need you to come over to Camp Water Warfare. You will see a huge, monstrous tank, but don't bomb it. Just fly your B-1 Lancer over it in circles."

"All right, I'm over there right now." Steven radioed back. A minute later: "Loller, are you INSANE?!?! Do you see the size of that thing?"

"Don't worry, it won't fire at you."

"All right everyone, throw flour bombs!" Zapper yelled

The flour bombs were very effective, covering the Bison tank in a cloud of flour. Zapper forced a still protesting Zeda outside to board the tank.

Re: New Role Playing Thread (RP)

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:59 pm
by TheTyphoon
Just a small part here to follow on:

Loller went with Zeda to board the tank, as it was admittedly extremely intimidating to go up against alone. The two of them ran through the flour cloud, unable to see further than their nose, until they felt themselves bump into its metal shell. Its engine sounded like that of a huge truck, and right next to it was even worse. They clambered on top as the cloud began to thin, and both of them opened the hatch and threw water balloons in, one after the other, drenching the interior. The occupants, after trying to repel the two of them with a cheap squirt pistol, were drenched by the Max-D 6000's that Loller and Zeda had taken, and they surrendered. The tank was sparking inside, so Loller quickly turned all the electrics off and everyone moved away to a safe distance.

There was more cheering when the tank was down than there was before. And at that moment, the Elephant Tank arrived at the car park outside the House.

"Aww what?" said Juch, popping out the tank's plastic turret hatch, "you stole all the fun from us!".

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:16 pm
by zeda.beta
During the celebration after the attack, nobody noticed a single figure crawling away from the carnage. The rogue got to his feet, and dashed into the woods.


"We should probably go think up a plan for assaulting the main estate," Zeda said, "Because that isn't going to be as simple as anything we have already done. And we should try to recover as much as we can from the enemy tank, it'll be useful later."

"I'll go see what I can find to bring back, Loller said. He went to gather what he could out of the wreckage, and when he came back, no one was there...

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:48 pm
by lollerdude98
After Loller gathered up everything useful from the Bison tank, he returned back to the House. Everyone was in the basement, discussing tactics for retaking Larami Estate.

"How about we attack the Piston Valve Barracks and Larami Estate at the same time? That way, they won't have enough time to react to both assaults." Zapper suggested.

"But then our forces will be stretched out too thin," Eric countered.

"Before we assault the estate, we need to take care of the Rogue blockade at the entrance of Moarc Lake. I can use my friends' bomber to knock them all out, then we take all of them prisoner, and try to convert some of them to the Independents. That way, we can have an even larger force to attack Larami Estate." Loller interjected.

"No, we won't have enough time to regroup before they mount another counterattack." Juch said.

"I think we should interrogate the Rogue hostages before we do anything. We need to know about objectives Alpha and Delta!" Chris said. "We also need to analyze that AI chip Zeda found.

everybody agreed with Chris. The Independents needed to prepare before they mounted any kind of attack against the Rogues. Eric set off to interrogate the Rogue hostages, while Fredcompany loaded up his computer and tried to find out everything in the AI chip.

Somebody else write. Don't feel like typing anymore :D
Edit:sorry Zeda, I changed it now

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:08 pm
by zeda.beta
AI chip, not sd card. It makes an enormous difference in the story that I am planning.

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:20 pm
by JF2015
hey is it to late to join
here is my profile
height:5' 2
weight:110 lbs.
appearance/clothing:blond hair, blue t shirt, black athletic shorts, strange color changing eyes
physical characteristics:fast, agile
personality: usually quiet, always wants to be in the air
strengths:very agile, smart
weaknesses:tires quickly, innaccurate on the ground
primary:cps 1000
secondary :x p 70
sidearm: n/a
other weapons:n/a
gear :d uct tape, backpack, 2 2liter refill bottles
has access to:small airplanes, upgraded car, various other mechanical items
player history:saved money and secretly bought a single engine airplane and is notorious for his extremely accurate water air drops

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:26 pm
by Fredcompany
My exams have finally finished! Physics GCSE was yesterday, so once I've caught up with the storyline, I'll post something.
In the meantime, though, carry on.

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:02 pm
by JuchTurtles
It is not too late to post and start. You can start at any time.

Dawn was approaching as the Independants continued to prepare. There was no sign of Rogues anywhere. At about 6:30 the sun had risen. The prepared ambushes were ready.

The whole camp went towards their assignments.

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:08 pm
by JF2015
how do you make the lettering in bold?!!

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:17 pm
by lollerdude98
There's a button right next to the I and the U. You should find it, it's pretty obvious.

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:22 pm
by JF2015
tried that all it does it put 2 Bs in brackets on the page

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:28 pm
by lollerdude98
type inside them.

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Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:47 pm
by JF2015
After many boring times of soaking random people Luke thought he would put his skills to use and go to Camp Water Warfare.Luke drove up to the House and found no one around, which wasn't all that surprising since it was very early

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Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:07 am
by DX
What better thing to do at 4 in the morning than post on SSC hehe?

I need to bring my character up to date, haven't had too much opportunity to post.

A group of recruits was preparing to guard the perimeter of the the House when Drake suddenly emerged from a bush, making their hearts skip a beat. He was carrying fistfuls of none other than poison ivy.

"Want some?"

The recruits shook their heads in unison, backed away, and cast confused looks at Drake as he walked by and into the House. Drake had been thinking about how to make enemies stop coming. Shooting them in the last war had not actually done anything to them, akin to shooting zombies in the foot. They just kept on coming…however…he thought up a solution that would make it suck to be a Rogue. Drake was immune to poison ivy…

He spent several hours collecting it and mixing the oils into his filling supply. From now on, enemies would remember his hits, possibly for weeks afterward. He crafted a warning label reading "DO NOT USE FOR FRIENDLY WARFARE" and attached it to his new DES 4X.

By now, Drake had discovered the stowaway homemade in his gear. The thing was impressively durable and compact. The range was amazing and after testing, he couldn't recall a homemade that had such great field life with an onboard reservoir design. He also had no idea where it came from, but he suspected one of his own, as it looked like a highly-customized version of the guns Militia strike team members carried. It might also give some enemies a run for their money…

As night fell, Drake set off to carry out his mission - cover the strike team from several hundred feet beyond and distract enemies if he encountered any. He was armed with the DES, lax stick, and lots of balloons. He slowly shadowed the strike team, walking on the sides of his feet in order to advance with a ghost-like lack of sound.

Surely enough, there were some enemies out here…an opportunity for some fighting…Drake snuck up carefully until he could see the enemy. There were 3, all with those WBL guns. They were looking off in the distance somewhere. Drake gradually moved up until the nearest enemy was nearly point-blank, but looked at the second-closest instead. He silently loaded a poison-ivy balloon into the lax stick, carefully lined up the shot, and whipped it.

It struck the target in the neck with launcher-like force, causing the unlucky guy to go flying off balance and onto the ground. Drake immediately picked up his gun, spun right, and nailed the closer enemy in the head before he could react. The further enemy ducked behind a tree about 70ft away and fired 3 shots at once. Drake blocked the first, letting the other two fly wide. He dodged a 4th shot and spun under a 5th. The enemy ducked away to reload, which is when Drake let out his trademark battle cry and sprinted up to the enemy position, unloading 10x tap shots. Drake made sure the enemy was throughly soaked everywhere there was exposed skin, especially the face…

So the enemy did have a weakness…their semi-auto launchers had no main gun…or at least, not this model. Keeping that in mind, Drake moved on, using the cover of darkness and the enemy weapon to pick off some unfortunate scouts and patrols.

At the pre-arranged time, he began to make his way back towards the House. Suddenly, the ground under his left foot gave way and he fell down into something. At first, he thought it was a booby trap, but them realized that this was some kind of small tunnel. Gun fully loaded, he proceeded cautiously…this thing just kept on going…

It was pitch black and he had no means of creating light. Therefore, he strapped his gun and felt his way forward with one hand on the left wall and one on the ceiling. Numerous side passages appeared. He couldn't see them, but he could feel them as gaps in the wall. "This must be how the Rogues appear and disappear so quickly!" he thought to himself. The main passage terminated abruptly at a door.

Drake took his weapon back out, and kicked the door open…it was a big room…filled with people…the basement of the House…


The Independents were gathered around a table in the middle of the basement. Final assignments were being given when suddenly, a large painting came crashing off the wall and a dark figure emerged from what had been solid wall. Instinctively, the closest recruits panicked and opened fire at point-blank range.

Drake did not even see it coming.

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Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:30 pm
by C-A_99
I ought to map the basement sometime, but I guess I'm too lazy haha. I don't think there's much worth mapping either.

"Arms Race"

**Cue Music**

Brapa inc's new project was completed in record time, thanks to the help of Eric's father. A new infantry weapon system was being mass-manufactured to replace the aging 5-shot WBL and other weapon systems with modest rates of fire.

The new model was known ony as the B1600; Rogues called it Bravo for short. The project was even more top secret than the files that EBA managed to recover a while ago, and was personally directed and handled by Phorerunner with the shipment and distribution completed just before he was knocked out on the attack on Larami Estate.

The weapon system contained a backpack which stored reserves of ammunition and water. The ammo was a 25mm water-filled ball that was almost identical to paintballs, except larger and filled with water. They also impacted a bit more easily. The air system was managed onboard using large, high pressure air tanks which stored up to 2000 PSI. The main gun could fire these rounds automatically with a rate of fire of 10 rounds per second (600 per minute) and had an effective range of up to 250ft, though a good shooter could hit a running target from 300ft away. Reloading varies depending on how the air tank is used. The hopper can contain numerous waterballs however, before needing a very quick refill which can be done from pods that were carried on the troop's uniform and backpack.

A valve switched the air tank to water mode, which fires out of a nozzle just below the barrel that handles the waterballs. The HPA tank had no trouble driving water out of the backpack and gushing out 1L per second and hitting close to 70ft range thanks to an improved ball valve operating trigger. The large 20mm ball valve was typically controlled by the air system but could be operated manually if it failed by pulling a spring loaded lever on the top of the weapon.

Reloading was fast, and the weapon system was quite ergonomical with good weight distribution. Backpack contents varied by how well troops could carry heavy loads. The weapon system had a rotary nozzle selector which had to be engineered percisely to prevent any lamination loss; the smaller nozzles and the B1600's tap shot mode helped the more zealous troops conserve water. (Not that the triggering system had any trouble handling tap shots anyway.) The B1600's were also very reliable and almost never jammed nor had other failures thanks to improved manufacturing and robust design. Weaknesses would not be found in the weapon system but only in the troops that wielded them.

Field tests showed very satisfactory tests on the B1600. The first batch of B1600's is expected to arrive before September, a perfect opportunity for the Independents to organize a raid operation. The problem is, they're already very short on troops and a raid on Objective Alpha had become priority. Getting that far past night patrols would be difficult especially with all the watchtowers, but it had to be done one way or the other.

Plans had to be chaned however. While Ambush Trail had no lighting, it was likely to be patrolled, and Objective Alpha itself was no pushover. Objective Delta was different; they weren't even sure how it was being used and finding it would be difficult. It may not have been fortified as directly but could've been littered with traps. Or it could've been abandoned. Zapper had to think.

Finally, Zapper, who was in charge of most Independent operations, was convinced by Eric to conduct a raid on the B1600's first. The new weapon system would be crucial to a successful scouting and assault on Alpha and Delta.


The Rogue had plans of their own. The shipment of B1600's would give them the waterpower they needed to bomboard The House nonstop for days. However, instead of a constant bomboardment (which could take place from 500-600ft), they would close in and use some precision to attack anyone who moved outside the house. The devastating waterpower concentrated to the few exits of The House would mean that no one could leave the building. After they successfully trapped everyone inside, two to three seperate teams would breech the building and soak anyone inside.

The problem with their plan? They "had" to wait for the next Brapa shipment. They already had the troops needed to conduct the raid, but the recent attack conducted by one person, Drake, kept them on their toes and caused many Rebels to demand the new weapon system to ship first, along with upgraded nightvision gear.

Now the matter is who strikes first. The Rogue will certainly be ready once the shipment arrives, by the time which Zapper will have planned to have The House evacuated. Everyone would have to be a part of the scouting and assault. Finally, nowhere on the camp would be safe anymore.