The birthday war

Topics about water war tactics, water war planning, and past water war stories.
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On my birthday I had some of my friends over. They were called Sean, Ryan, Daniel, and Jacob. I used my max D 3000, and Daniel used a liquidator, Jacob used the Helix, and Sean and Ryan used half-filled water balloons. :Hey, that's funny.: I yelled, go! and we began! I :D scouted around and saw daniel and squirted him he started squrting me and I pulsed a few shots back and hid behind a tree. I then began darting between the trees still shootind until we both ran out of water. we then took different routesto the filling station. we decided to team up but we were ambushed by Sean. He asked us to make a suprise attack on the other guy. (he was pretending to have teamed up with them). He walked up to them and then he through a water balloon at Ryan which left a welt so Ryan decided it was safer to jump in the pool. We charged in but when we heard about the welt we all teamed up on Sean who pulled my airsoft gun on us and started shooting it so my parents confiscated it from him we had a short war in the pool where I was hit a few times by water balloons. After that we played video games and then went to the movies. :D
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