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Here is my story, it is kinda long, but I have been working on it for a while.

Skyler lives in a small town, the town of Courok, which is home of about 2500 people. He lives in the north west part of town on the outskirts, by his friend Zach’s house. Zach doesn’t live in town, but lives in the country, only about 500 yards away from Skyler’s house. They have been friends for a while and living close to each other really promoted the friendship.
Skyler and Zach were pretty big Super Soaker fans, but not nearly as big in the kids in there town. Their was at least 6 good clans competing for more territory and complete control of Courok. Super Soakers were almost every kids life who lived in Courok. At the end of every summer just before school starts up again, they total up who has the most territory, victories, losses, etc. After they total all of that up they decide the winner of the Super Soaker Cup. Actually it wasn’t a cup, it was a little trophy but everyone thought Cup sounded better so they kept it. Anyway the winning clan would receive the trophy for a year then give it up to the next year winner. It was kind of a big deal, it would give bragging rights to the winning clan against everyone else.
Skyler and Zach didn’t own there own clan, even though they were probably the most strategic people in all of Courok. Instead they just fought for a clan near by. The clans base was about 2 blocks east of Skyler’s house. They would fight for them when they had battles but never went to any of their practice or never helped them work on defenses, they just fought when needed. The leader of the clan they fought for was fourteen years old and Skyler and Zach were fifteen, so they kind of had a right to do what they wanted.
The clan Skyler and Zach fought for was ill in numbers but had a lot of talent and a good defense. They could never win when attacking opponents but when being attacked and playing defense they would just dominate. The tree house base they had was huge and gave them a big defense.
Besides them there was about 5 other clans competing that actually had a chance. Their were about 7 or 8 other clans but they consisted of about 3-4 people and were usually younger, but if they all allied together they would have a chance and add another threat for defeat, but there problem would be the fact that they would have no leader. But the real threat was a clan who was led by General Sam, who had an army of over 20 well trained people. Sam’s was a great leader, a year older than Skyler. Sam came from 3 years as an officer in one of the greatest and biggest clans ever in Courok. They were somewhat like the Roman empire (big, problems with government, etc.), they had lots of Civil Wars, which led to the disband, and most of the people in that clan joined The Soaking Regiment (name of General Sam’s clan).
Even though Sam’s clan was predicted to win and had the skill to win, their were new leaders out there ready to show Courok what they were made off, and that’s where are story starts.
Courok, like I said, is a small town. It had a creek flowing through the middle separating the north and south. On the west side of the town, on the outskirts was a forest along the creek. This forest was just south of Zach’s house and was home to a mighty clan, who had the best base in all of Courok. It was said that no one who entered the forest came out dry, they were unbeatable when attacked, but there offense sucked, they could not gain anymore territory if their life depended on it. Anyways, just south of the forest was a big prairie where most of the biggest Super Soaker fights were held. On the south east corner of Courok was the park, it was on the other side of town. It was home to a clan holding some threat on the offensive side of battle. And downtown, there is a store which sells a lot of water gun equipment (Super Soaker guns, water balloon launchers, Water Warrior guns, hoses, camouflage, etc.). It started out as a fountain with groceries and some other stuff, but with the big Super Soaker outrage in Courok, they started selling equipment for it and makes quite a profit from it. It is located on the south side of town, far from Skyler’s house but close to The Soaking Regiment’s base (this was also a good reason The Soaker Regiment was so great, they were located close to Arnie’s, the name of the store). Their was also the school playground just 2 blocks east of Skyler’s house. The school playground was where lots of battles occurred, due to the fact that their was lots of trees, bushes, and equipment to hide in and have a tactical battle.
“Again?” Skyler asked Jack into the phone. Jack was the leader of the clan Skyler was in.
“Yes!” Jack shouted back at Skyler, “we need you and Zach! This is an important battle, we win this, we get control of school playground if we win this!” Jack sounded so excited, like he was about to explode in excitement. “With control of playground this will give us a territorial edge over taking the Super Stealth Soakers (also called triple S or 3 S) out of this race.” The Super Stealth Soakers were 1 of the 2 clans we were at war against. They were probably the weakest of the 6 actually standing a chance for winner of Super Soaker Cup. The other clan we were at war against was The Tigers, which were an ally of Triple S and one of those 4 man clans. “And taking out Triple S would allow us a clear shot at The Tigers, hopefully making them disband and join us. The only thing stopping that is there Triple S alliance.”
“I know, I know, we’ll be there, give us... Let’s say... 10 minutes.”
“Ok, see ya later!”
“Bye.” Then Skyler hung up and immediately called up Zach and told him about the battle they were to go and fight. Zach also was surprised they were fighting already, just like Skyler was. They had fought a battle the day before and the day before that. Zach still agreed to fight.
While Zach was riding his bike to Skyler’s house, Skyler was getting prepared.
“Hmm....” Skyler thought to himself. “What weapon should I choose?” Skyler had the choice between his CPS 1000, CPS 2100, CPS 4100, and Triple Aggressor. Skyler made up his mind and took his CPS 1000. The CPS 1000 was his favorite gun, but he still had to make sure it was right for the scenario they would be fighting on. Skyler also got a back-pack, and filled his with a Vaporizer. He used 2 Max-D 2000's as back-up weapons. He had made a clip for them so he could easily store them on his camouflage shorts. He also had a camouflage shirt that he had on.
Zach showed up at Skyler’s house with his Blazer squirt gun and a Liquidator as a back up weapon, he also had a empty back-pack, used for storing water balloons which they would get at the base.
“Well, I guess I’m ready,” Skyler thought to himself again. Then he hopped on his bike and rode it to the end of the driveway to wait for Zach. It wasn’t long before Zach arrived and they took of for their base.
They arrived at the base to find 15 or so men standing their talking. They were their fellow clansmen. Their weapons were at there side and waiting for them to arrive.
“Finally,” Skyler heard some of them say. They rode there bikes up Jack’s driveway and parked them next all the other bikes people rode to the base. The base was located in Jack’s yard, in his tree house, like I stated before.
“What took you so long?” Jack said running up to them. Jack was wearing a white swimming suit and camouflage shirt, like Skyler’s.
“I’m sorry that I’m a few minutes later than what I said,” Skyler said sarcastically. Skyler, Zach, and Jack were making there way to the armory, which was Jack’s garage to fill up there weapons and get some extra ammo and some water balloons.
“We’re just getting ready to head out, but not after I announce the info they need,” Jack said. They had now arrived at the armory.
“Where are the water balloons at?” Zach asked looking around.
“All what’s left is in that bucket,” Jack said pointing to a white bucket laying on the ground near the left wall. “Load up your guns, get some ammo, water balloons, etc. etc., I am going to go rally everyone up.”
“Roger that,” said Skyler.
“What? There are only 6 left!” Zach yelled. “Is there anymore we could fill up?” Zach was standing over the bucket looking down in horror at the amount left.
“Nope, that’s all we got for water balloons. Make due,” Jack said, then he left to rally up the clan.
“Well,” Skyler said walking over to Zach. “You can have 4 of em’, I’ll take 2, I’m not much of a water balloon guy.”
“Wow, thanks!” Zach then loaded up his bag with 4 water balloons then got up and walked over to the hose to fill up his guns. Skyler then picked up the 2 that were left and went to fill up his weapons. After about 3 minutes, their guns were filled up.
“There we go,” said Skyler screwing up his cap to his second Max-D 2000. Then they both walked over to there squad they were in too hear the briefing off the area and other info about the battle.
“Okay, we don’t have much time until we are to meat Triple S at the battle field, I’m going to make this short and sweet. Once we arrive at the park, I will show you where our fort will be. We will have Alpha guard the water. Skyler and Zach were the leaders of their Omega squad. The Omega squad consisted of them two, and two of the other best soakers in their clan. They were the stealth attack of the group, they were the first strike against the enemy usually.
“Victory here will give us complete control of the school playground...” he rambled on and on for about a minute or two, then he issued the departure of the clan to the school playground.
They arrived to find the other clan sitting and waiting for them on the other side of the playground. Jack showed the clan where they fort would be and to hold tight while he went and discussed the rules with the leader of the other clan.
Skyler and Zach sat on the hill that was near their fort, that over viewed the whole playground and planned on places where they could hide, where they could move safely, etc. The rest of the clan set up the ammo in the base and also over viewed the layout of the land. The ammo was really important, because it was the only way to refill weapons, because there was no hose. They had brought a ton of ammo, so they shouldn’t run out for quite a while.
Jack came back and stated the rules, “The rules are simple, if you get soaked your out. Not getting hit once, you gotta get soaked. Once out you have to sit on the side of the school and watch the rest of the battle. That’s basically all for rules.” Everyone was standing listening to Jack closely now, because he was going to go over there plan of attack. “Now, for our plan of attack, like I said before Alpha will guard to start, Omega will make the first strike along the tree line over there.” Then Jack pointed over to the far left side of the park, where there was a line of trees that stretched the whole playground. “But be careful enemy units will also use that tree line to get to our fort, maybe you should snipe in the tree before you strike. Fire squad will take sniping positions in those bushes and trees over there.” He then pointed over to where the trees and bushes where Fire squad would snipe. Water squad will play defensive until Omega makes there move to opponents base, then we will strike up the gut and try to distract enemy so Omega can get them from behind. Omega, if you can try to sabotage there ammo, dump it out, do what ever to get the enemy rid of it. Each squad leader will be given a walkie talkie to communicate with HQ and other squads. Make sure to listen to your walkie talkie, because if we are getting owned back at the fort, we will call squads back for support. If you get soaked have your squad leader report the loss to HQ once in a safe area out of range from enemy soakers. Also report enemies taken out. Oh, which reminds me, there are 17 of them. Ya, it’s going to be tough, but some of them are ill trained. With that lets start this!” Then everyone started cheering to get pumped up!
Then Jack got out his whistle and blew it to signal his clan was ready. Triple S replied with a whistle blow to signal the start of the battle. The battle for the school playground had just begun.
Skyler and Zach signaled to the other two members (Adam and Charlie) it was time to move out. The Omega squad had gone through Navy Seal / SWAT training a billion times. They have studied this stuff, so they knew how to move stealthily and take out opponents. Adam used a CPS 2000 and Charlie used a CPS 1500. They had a good range of weapons to use against opponents, so it should be hard to defeat them.
They moved slowly through the tree line making sure none of the enemy saw them. Once about half way to enemy fort, Skyler and Zach decided they should take cover in a tree that was easy to get up in and snipe any people coming by, all four of them could fit in the and be pretty well hidden.
“Matt is down,” Fire squad leader said into the walkie talkie after a few minutes. “We got two enemy soldiers!”
“Nice work!” Jack said into the walkie talkie from the fort. Jack was leader of Water squad.
Then two enemy soldiers walked past the tree they were in not noticing them. Skyler immediately gave the fire signal, and all four of them shot at them. After the enemy finally noticed them, they had taken out one of them and soaked the other half way before he ran. He was out of range now.
“XPBackfire-esque,” Zach whispered to the rest of the squad. “He’s going to report our position to enemy HQ.”
Then Skyler whispered into the walkie talkie that they had got one and that one had escaped. “Move on then,” we’re going to move in, because their isn’t much action here,” Jack responded. “I’m going to send someone with some water for you to reload, give me your position!”
“We’re in a tree about half way to enemy base along tree line. When he gets close we’ll jump down,” Skyler replied.
“Roger, over and out.”
They sat their for about a minute until they could see the guy with the water running towards them. He had no clue where they were. Omega squad was about to jump down and meet him when three enemy units came.
“Wait,” Adam said softly, so that everyone could hear. “Here comes the enemy!” Skyler looked over to his left to see three enemy units running towards, either them or the supply guy. Skyler immediately recognized one, it was the one they had half soaked.
“We should save him!” Charlie whispered. Charlie was getting ready to jump down.
“No! No, wait!” said Zach putting a hand on Charlie to stop him. “We can wait until they take out the supply guy, then when they put down their weapons to grab the ammo, we can take them by total surprise!” The three enemy units ran right past their tree and soaked the supply man about 40 feet away.
They did exactly as Zach had predicted, got the ammo from they guy and sent him on his way to the side of the school. “Supply man is down, but we have a clear shot at enemy units who took him down, over,” Skyler said into his walkie talkie.
Now the three were unscrewing the caps to reload their gun. Then Skyler gave the drop signal with a few waves off his hand. Immediately the four in the Omega squad dropped down and started charged the three enemy units while firing and soaked them. The only thing was they had taken out Charlie, completely soaked him, no one else, just him, Charlie was out.
“Thanks for taking the fire for us Charlie,” said Adam, “we’ll win for ya, don’t worry!” Then Adam patted Charlie on the back as he made his way to the wall of the soaked.
“Three enemy units down, one Omega down also,” Skyler said into the walkie talkie. “We’re going to make our way to the enemy base.” Skyler was about to put the walkie talkie back into his pocket, when Jack started talking to them over it.
“Great job, but we need help back at the fort. The enemy is almost gone and they are making there last charge. We have lost a lot of men and so have they, I think we have about 7 people left, and they have around 5 left. Here they come, get back here and help us, over and out.”
“I have a better idea,” said Skyler. They had now taken cover under a tree where no one would probably see them unless they were walking along the tree line. They could see the enemy attacking there fort, but were not quite there yet. “We are low on ammo and need a refill, so I say we make our way to the enemy base and reload. Once done with that we charge them from behind and take them out, hopefully.”
“I am fine ammo wise,” Adam replied.
“Ok, then you can go and provide help,” said Zach. “If you did a kamikaze mission, you would help out I bet. You would give our fort defense time to chuck balloons and own them, while you would take out quite a bit.”
“Ok, I’ll do that,” said Adam. “See you after we win.” Then Adam ran off towards the enemy screaming.
“Come on, its time to make our move, we don’t have much time,” said Skyler as he bolted off towards the enemy base, with Zach following.
It wasn’t long until they had fully loaded their weapons with the enemy water. It wasn’t really hard to find, it was just behind a tree in the enemy fort. The enemy fort just consisted of a bunch of sticks built pretty high for good protection and very compact. It made a half square before attaching to the side of the school. It was actually quite bigger than what you might imagine.
Anyways, after they had fully loaded their weapons, they stored what was left in the 2 liters into their back packs they had brought. After that they ran off telling HQ they were coming over the walkie talkie.
They sprinted across the battle field, and surprisingly no one noticed them. As they got closer they could make the shape of three enemy units. They also could make out the image of two units at the fort. Once close, they decided to take cover behind a slide where the enemy wouldn’t see them. Then Skyler pulled out the walkie talkie and called HQ asking for info.
“Hey, surprise to hear your voice,” said Jack sarcastically. “Where the heck were you, I have been eliminated and there are 2, no wait, now 1 man left, AND THEY HAVE 3! Get in there in soak them and bring us home the victory. Over and out!”
“Charge?” said Skyler looking at Zach.
“No way!” Zach replied. “If we die we’re out and then we lose. I say we split up and get them from the left and right side, flank them!”
“Good idea! Since it was your idea, you get to take the trip to the left side, I’ll move in to a better position. Move, move, move, move, move!” Skyler than took a peak outside the slide to see what was happening. It looked like the three enemy units left were firing at the last fort defender. The enemy units seemed distracted so that Zach could make his move. “Go!” Skyler said softly to Zach.
Then Zach took off to the left side of the enemy units, which is near the school where everyone was sitting either watching or talking about what they did wrong allowing them to get soaked. Zach was unnoticed and so was Skyler. Zach took cover behind a bush that was next to the school and Skyler took cover from a tree.
Once they were in position Skyler made the signal for attack to Zach who could see Skyler through the enemy units and same for Skyler. They charged the three enemy units. Together the two of them soaked all three. They were extremely surprised. They had thought that the last fort defender for their clan was the last man alive.
Victory to the Rebels of Chaos (the clan Skyler and Zach were in). Everyone on the Rebels of chaos side started cheering and ran out to congratulate them.
“Victory!” Zach yelled. Skyler walked over to Zach with his soaker at his side.
“It surprised me that we got this many kills with only using our primary weapon and nothing else,” Skyler said. “No water balloons, no back up weapons, no nothing, except a refill. How many soaks did you get, do you know?”
“I don’t have a clue,” Zach said. The Rebels of Chaos were now at the fort putting the extra ammo they had into bags to carry home. Jack was over talking to the leader of Triple S about what was going to happen now that the victor was decided between the two clans and land was decided.
A few minutes later Jack came back and announced that they had won complete control of the school playground, which was no surprise, everyone already new that. He also announced that Triple S had quit the war, giving them the victory of the war and also gave them complete access to taking out the Tigers basically. This came to a surprise, because Triple S was still in the war. The numbers of Tripe S were great, everyone wondered why they had done it, but oh well, it just gave them more time to prepare for other clans they would have to fight.
“Now that this is all settled, we can make our way home. If you will not be returning to the base I want to say great job to you. Also everyone is invited to my house to celebrate this great victory.” Jack then picked up his weapon and went to talk to a member of his squad about who knows what.
“Well Skyler,” said Zach. “Should we go to this party thing or go home?”
“I might go for a little bit,” said Skyler. “I got nothing better to do.”
“Good point!” Then they started off for the base along with everyone else. As they were walking Skyler looked over at the enemy to see everyone sitting down getting chewed out by their leader. He looked pretty mad from where they were looking.
Once arriving at the base they set their stuff by their bikes and went inside. They ended up leaving in like an hour because the party thing was quite boring. All everyone was talking about was the victory. After like 15 minutes of talking about the victory it got pretty boring. People were exaggerating their roll in the battle, and some of them exaggerated so much that it was stupid. They hopped on their bikes and rode to their separate homes for the rest of the day.
In the morning Skyler woke up and ate breakfast. Then he sat down to watch TV. While watching TV it hit him, he had forgotten his CPS 1000 at the base. He quickly got on his bike and rode it to the base.
As he was approaching the base he noticed that there was toilet paper in the trees and a huddle of about five people standing in a circle. Skyler rode up and shouted “Hey Jack, what’s up?” Skyler then rode into the driveway and threw his bike off into the grass on the side of the driveway.
“This is up,” said Jack pointing up and the toilet paper in the tree. Everyone turned around to see Skyler. Skyler then noticed it was a few of his clansmen. “Come here and read this.” Skyler walked over there and grabbed the note from Jack.
‘Congratulations on the victory. Don’t get to happy though, you will die soon!
Signed anonymous’
“So what do you think,” said Jack. “You have a clue who did it?”
“Nope,” said Skyler handing him the note back. “It could be some clan who heard about our victory and want to take us on next. It could be some sore loser from Triple S. Or it could be the Tigers trying to put down our morale. Who knows?”
“Hmm,” said Jack now looking down at the note. “I don’t know the hand writing. If anyone has an idea, please speak!” Jack looked up at the other few people their from their clan. All of them shook their head no.
“Anyways, I came hear to get my CPS 1000,” said Skyler looking around.
“Ah...” Jack replied. “I saw it after the party and put it up in the tree house. I went up their after I saw everything toilet papered and that is where I found this note. The CPS 1000 and few other guns I had up their were gone. They had to of stole them.”
“Oh my god! These guys will pay! Call up the clan we are going to attack the Tigers now or I will leave this clan and get my CPS 1000 all by myself. They will pay, they will pay!”
With that Skyler stormed over to his bike and flew out of their to his house.
Once at home he called up Zach told him about what happened and told him they were going to fight the Tigers as of now. Zach got mad just as well and told Skyler he would be right over. Skyler hung up the phone, and stormed outside to choose a new weapon for this battle. He grabbed his backpack that had all the stuff in it from the previous day, water balloons, Vaporizer, 2 Max-D 2000, etc. Then he grabbed his CPS 4100 and rode off to the base, not waiting for Zach.
“Have you found out anything?” said Skyler as he rode up to meet Jack. He hopped off his bike and walked over Jack.
“Well not exactly,” Jack replied.
“Where is everyone? Aren’t we going to take down those Tigers?”
“Well... I called some people and they refused to come, they said they would fight some other day.”
“But what about the people who were here when I arrived, where’d they go?”
“They left.”
“What? Ok, fine, me, you, and Zach will take them down.”
“Well, I’m not really in the mood to fight. I have to clean all this up. And I’m not so sure they did it.”
“Ok, me and Zach will. Good bye!” Skyler then ran over to his bike hopped on and rode back to his house. He met Zach on the way and told him that they were going to his house instead. Once arriving at Skyler’s house Skyler told him about his conversation with Jack and about how him and Zach were going to have to take them on by our selves.
“Here,” said Skyler, “load up my weapons and some water balloons telling them that me and you are going to attack.” Skyler ran inside and called up the Tiger’s leader telling him to prepare for a battle against them. Meanwhile Zach stayed outside filling up his Blazer, Skyler’s CPS 4100, their backup weapons, ammo, and some water balloons.
“Wow,” said Skyler as he walked out to meet Zach. “They way he talked, it seemed he was ready to fight. He accepted the fight with no problem what so ever. This may be a little harder than I thought. I mean two of there members are nine years old and the other two are fifteen and twelve, so we have an experience advantage over the younger ones. But we’re outnumbered 2 to 1. We also discussed the rules, soaked your out.”
“Did you just figure that out,” Zach said as he was filling up his third water balloon.
“Ok then. Have you ever been to the Tiger’s base, so do you have a clue what it looks like so we know what we’re fighting?”
“All I know is they use their garage as a base. They stick slabs of cardboard and wood on the door and where the garage opens. They have a good water supply I bet, so this may be a little hard.”
“What do you think about sending either me or you as a spy to their base to get a good look at what they got?”
“Good Idea.” Skyler was now sitting down by Zach thinking.
“Who’s going to go? Me or you?”
“Well... I don’t know.”
“I’ll go if you fill up these water balloons and these two liters.”
“Ok then! Make sure to bring a pistol in case you are found. You can stall with it.” Zach got up and went to pick up his Storm 500 pistol and stuffed it into his pocket. He also put a XP 215 into his back pocket just in case.
“Well,” said Zach. “I’m off, have fun filling up everything. Ha ha!” With that Zach ran off to his bike, got on and rode it to somewhat near the enemies base.
Skyler sat their and filled water balloons and some 2 liters. Just when he was wrapping up filling the last 2 liter, the phone rang. Skyler ran in and answered it.
“Hello?” said Skyler.
“Hi, we got your friend.” Skyler could hear Zach in the background yelling help.
“You captured him?”
“Yep, if you want him back come and get him!” With that they hung up the phone.
“Oh my god,” Skyler thought to him self. “What am I to do now. I can't call up Rebels of Chaos, I’m done with that clan. Oh, I know, I’ll call up Jacob.” Jacob was Skyler’s cousin who lived down the road on the south side. He wasn’t in Skyler’s clan but he would probably help him.
Skyler quickly dialed his number. Jacob answered, and Skyler told him what happened and told him to bring his water balloon launcher, they might need it. Jacob agreed to help out because of the fact that he wasn’t doing anything that day anyways. He said he would bring his Monster XL and his water balloon launcher, then he hung up. A water balloon launcher required three people to use it, but not Jacob’s. He had created it so that it only required one. He had taken to polls and attached the either end of the water balloon launcher to them so that all he had to do was stuff the polls into the ground.
Skyler started filling up water balloons as he thought about what he was going to do. Jacob arrived in ten minutes on his bike. By that time Skyler had filled up like sixty water balloons total.
“I got sixty water balloons filled and all my guns filled also,” said Skyler as Jacob walked over to him. Skyler handed Jacob the hose and said, “here fill up your weapons, I’m going to pack everything up. Skyler through about fifty into a cooler and gave Jacob five and he kept five. He packed up his bag with his Vaporizer, water balloons, and two Max-D 2000's. Jacob used his Monster XL and a Max-D 3000 as his back up. Jacob also had his water balloon launcher attached to his bag somehow. The two metal pulls made an X on the outside and the water balloon launcher part was in his bag.
“All set,” said Jacob. Skyler was now loading the cooler of water balloons into a wagon that they could pull to the enemy base which was about four blocks away.
“Ok, I’ll pull the wagon as long as you hold my weapon,” said Skyler.
“Deal!” said Jacob. Skyler then handed Jacob his CPS 4100. Then they started off. As they walked they discussed what they were going to do. Skyler knew that they would only think that it would be Skyler fighting against them, they wouldn’t have a clue that Jacob would be with him. They decided that Jacob would find a good position to fire water balloons with his launcher out of sight while Skyler sneaks up as close as possible and attacks. Then when Skyler yells ‘Attack!’ Jacob will come to his aid.
When they had one more block to go to the enemy base they decided they’d look for a good place to launch water balloons. They turned down a side street and found the perfect place. There was hill that was across the street from the front of the garage (enemies base) where he could fire water balloons with cover. Since the Garage door was open with they could fire water balloons in there with no trouble. All the enemy had was cardboard and wood built across the whole entrance of the garage for cover. The enemy basically trapped them self in. The only way out was jumping over the cardboard and wood they built at the door into the garage.
“Ok Jacob,” Skyler whispered making sure the enemy didn’t over hear him. “Set up your water balloon launcher here. I’m going to go around the house and ambush them at the door when they come out to get you. They will think you are me and attack you, not knowing I am there to ambush them. They will be surprised like no other.”
“Got it,” Jacob replied. “Now lets start this!”
“I will beep you over these walkie talkies when I am in position for you to start the launching.”
“Ok, now move.” With that Skyler handed Jacob the walkie talkie and ran back into the street they were traveling with his CPS 4100 in hand. Once arriving at the house he started to run around it peeking around each corner making sure no one was out and about. When he was almost to his destination he beeped Jacob over the walkie talkie. He hid around the corner of the house so that when the enemy jumped over the wall they made at the garage door, he could ambush them . To his left was a window. Skyler decided that he would look through the window to see what they had once Jacob had fired his first shot.
‘Splat’ the first water balloon had hit. Skyler then peeked through the window. He saw Zach tied up against the wall and four enemy units inside the garage looking at the water balloon that hit in the driveway.
Skyler pulled out his walkie talkie and said to Jacob, “Jacob, get some more power in your shot, you hit the driveway.”
“Roger that,” Jacob said. A few seconds later the next shot hit, it hit a cardboard piece that protected the enemy.
“That was better,” Skyler radioed over to Jacob. Then Skyler peeked trough the window, then he saw it, his CPS 1000 laying in the corner along with the weapons. Then the next water balloon hit, this one went into the garage and half soaked two of the enemy units.
“Lets go get him,” Skyler overheard one of the enemy units say. “You two stay back and defend.” With that Skyler quickly got into position. Then he could hear the enemy jumping over the barricade they made. Skyler jumped out and just soaked to two people who jumped out. They were out, it was the fifteen and twelve year old who he soaked. That meant they had two nine year olds to get through first. The two Skyler got out walked over to a tree and sat down grumbling. The nine year olds probably had seen it, so they new someone was there.
“I got two of them,” Skyler radioed to Jacob. “They didn’t know. No all we have left is to ten year olds. Charge them, I’ll get them from behind, you distract.”
Another water balloon hit, but it was off his target. Then Jacob ran over the hill yelling and screaming distracting the two nine year olds. Skyler ripped open his bag and grabbed all of his water balloons. He through them in and soaked one kid with it, but the other was still dry. The kid looked scared, he was being double teamed. Skyler dropped his backpack but grabbed his Vaporizer and then he jumped over the enemy wall at the garage entrance and Jacob stood at the garage front gun pointed at the kid. The kid backed up into a corner constantly pointing his gun at Skyler and Jacob not firing. Zach stood up now and Skyler tossed him the Vaporizer.
“Drop your weapon,” said Skyler forcefully to the kid. The kid immediately dropped his weapon. Jacob had kicked out a slab of cardboard to get into the garage. So the kid was surrounded by three people. Skyler walked over to his CPS 1000 they had stole and grabbed it and looked over it to make sure it was his. It was because it had his name in the corner of the handle. “Fire!” Then everyone fired at the kid and just soaked him. By that time the other three kids they had gotten entered the garage soaked.
“So I’m guessing it was you who stole the weapons,” said Skyler to the older of the two kids.
“Yep, you got it,” said the guy. “Looks like your clan beat us with only two people.” The guy was somewhat tall and looked like a Mexican. He had an Afro and a mustache.
“No, I quit that clan. I came after you to get my CPS 1000.”
“Oh, well, you did good, congratulation. That was pretty fun even though we lost. You had an excellent strategy.”
“Thanks for the compliment. I got to admit it to, that was pretty fun, but why did you steal our weapons?”
“I wanted your ex-clan to come after us sooner. I know if they did that not everyone would fight and give us less of an enemy.”
“Nice idea, but it didn’t work. Rebels of Chaos won’t attack for a few days I bet. Now you’ll have time to create a better base and take them out. I really don’t care about their war anymore, I actually would rather have you win and prove to Jack that he isn’t all that great. He makes me so mad at times.”
“I don’t like them either. Nor do I like Triple S!”
“Why don’t you like them?” Zach asked. “What did they do?”
“They entered this war to protect us, but they demanded a small fee for them to continue protecting us. I refused and they backed out allowing Rebels of Chaos a clear shot at us. That’s why they backed out of the war. The only reason they fought the playground battle was for practice, and as I heard, you owned that battle to. You guys got some mad skill.”
“Thanks, well, I better be heading home.”
“Hey, before you go, I want to know if you would like to join our clan?”
“I’ll pass, but if I form a clan, which I’m thinking about, I’ll surely be allies.”
“We’re forming a clan?” Zach asked.
“I think so,” said Skyler. “Well lets go pick up everything.”
“Well, I’ll see you guys,” said there leader. “Oh, I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Beau.”
“Nice to meet you Beau,” said Jacob. “I’m Jacob, that’s Skyler, and that’s Zach.” He pointed to the name he said as he said it. “Well see ya, I’m going to go pick up my water balloon launcher.” Everyone waved bye as Jacob walked over to pick up his water balloon launcher.
“I’m going too,” said Skyler. “Give Rebels of Chaos back their weapons though. See ya!” Skyler walked out to where he left his backpack. Zach followed him with the Vaporizer.
“Here you go,” said Zach as he handed Skyler the Vaporizer. “You know I had this the whole time!” Zach then pulled out his Storm 500 and XP 215. “They never asked me to drop my weapons. They had patrol men out and I didn’t know so they saw me sneak up behind the house and look through the window. Then they surrounded me and captured me.”
“Oh well,” said Skyler. “It was fun. Lets go, we have to pull the wagon with water balloons home.” By that time Skyler had his backpack on his back all ready to go. They walked over to where Jacob had the water balloon launcher.
“By the way, that strategy was awesome!”
“You even had me fooled, I had no clue Jacob was here.”
Jacob was waiting for them where they he had set up the water balloon launcher. It was loaded on his backpack. Zach pulled the wagon with the water balloons home this time. While Skyler carried his CPS 1000 and CPS 4100 home. They walked home talking about how Jacob’s clan was doing and stuff like that. They were half way home when ten men ran out of the bushes and surrounded them. They all either had a CPS 2000, Monster X, or Monster XL, none of the people looked familiar. They were tapped and if they tried to rebel they would be soaked like no other. That had no choice but to give in.

To be continued... (I will try to get a new section in soon)
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Post by Monsoon » Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:52 am

Nice story, but try and come up with your own names (I used Zach in my story)
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Post by onlydecoppi1991 » Fri Jun 25, 2004 1:54 pm

Great story, I really liked it, looking forward to next section.
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Post by Sky_T_219 » Fri Jun 25, 2004 3:25 pm

Originally posted by Monsoon@Jun 25 2004, 06:52 AM
Nice story, but try and come up with your own names (I used Zach in my story)

actually monsoon Zach is the name of my frined, so it is based off real life sorta, and I started this story like 2 weeks ago, maybe even sooner...
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Post by Monsoon » Fri Jun 25, 2004 5:01 pm

And another thing.....try to come up with names that don't sound similar (Zach and Jack). It seems to make reading it less tiring.
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Post by Sky_T_219 » Fri Jun 25, 2004 7:47 pm

I'm sorry that my names to my people aren't perfect
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Post by Hyper_9 » Fri Jun 25, 2004 10:40 pm

The one thing I wanted to have in my story is that anyone can drop in, practically at any time. You never know the main character's name. Therefore, any old person who knows the first two parts can flick themselves in. Its a approach Ive expiremented with, and Im putting it to the real test.

Oh, Yeah, Looks good so far. Except not much of a backstory. Just dropped int the battle. (Like that jack assed ********* ******* at MSNBC wants to make Star Wars... Get rid of Hadlyer or w/e the main characters name is, lose GEORGE LUCAS, and lose padme! 5 minute backstory and then a ton of space battles. SOOOO ****in STUPID....) But back to the point. It looks good so far.
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Post by Sky_T_219 » Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:44 pm

Thanks, once I finish I will go over and revise it a bit. Thanks for the idea
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Post by Burnerboy » Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:05 pm

Nice whens the next edition coming out, I love fan fiction stories for just about anything, I can't wait for the next. :D -_-
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Post by Sky_T_219 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 12:50 am

Originally posted by Burnerboy@Jun 28 2004, 01:05 PM
Nice whens the next edition coming out, I love fan fiction stories for just about anything, I can't wait for the next. :D -_-

thanks, I guess I won't get it done till a ways after the 4th, because I'm going to football camp now which takes up my whole day, and I have to work and such... and I'm going on a mini vacation to South Dakota, which is about 10 hours from herre. I'll see if I can get a labtop on the way to work on it.

I got about two pages done, once I hit five I'll post the next section.
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