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Old 11-17-2010, 04:20 PM   #1
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Default Upgrading CPS 1500, 2 X:: 5X:: 10 X:: 20 X::

Hi my friends on SSC

People were so often talking about that the CPS 2700 does not have a 20 X:: stream and that having a 2 X:: is very useful...

I thought about this since a very long time, and today I finished^^

Thanksfully I made some pictures of the CPS 1500 and the modifications I did, so all of you can enjoy

First of all the CPS 1500 opened:

People do not like using the CPS 1500 in water warfare due to its fragility of the pump. That is right, therefore I replaced the PVC with a pipe out of aluminium It is compact and will never break...

Process of replacing "pump-stab":

Cut an aluminium pipe at the same lengh as the PVC.

Drill in a whole so the grip can be fixed:

Now you have to remove the pump-element of the PVC.

This is probably the most difficult part here. I did not manage to get it off without breaking but that is ok, you will glue it together with the aluminium and in the end you cannot see anything
Polish the new pump a bit and so you get a new and very stable pump, invulnerable to breaking during pump-action

Next thing was K-modding. I know all of you know this but here is the working process:

Locate PC. Carefully open the PC, do not ruin the screwls!

Then put over ballons, as much as you want. I only put over 5 strong ballons, so the PC is a bit overpowered

Opened PC, Bladder with ballons:

And now the important part:

Installing a further 2 X:: nozzle and a 20 X:: nozzle, so you get 4 great nozzles^^

Locate the nozzle sellector-plate. Remove screws and get it out of there. Then I thought about where I could place 2 new nozzles...it seems to be incredible because there is really fiew space for them...
But believe in me there is^^

I used a circle and made a circuit, which exactly goes through the middle of the wholes. At this circuit I drilled in two holes, one for fixing the nozzle-selector, 180, at the opposite, I drilled in the 2 X:: hole. Then I had to cut off some unused parts of the nozzle plate so you can rotate it about 180 degrees. I also had to cut off further plastic parts, because there is so much that stops the selector from rotating more than 45 degrees...

As you can read I only drilled in a 2 X:: stream, but I also got a 20 X::^^ The 20 X:: was archieved because you can use the 5X:: nozzle as nozzle-fixment and use the nozzle-fixment instead of the 5 X::, which is rated at 20 X::. This is only able when the selector can be rotated by 180 degrees

And that is what the nozzle-plate looks like :

Get everything together and finished! The CPS 1500 now has a very strong and stable pump, unable to break.
PC was K-modded
and I now got a

2X:: to save water
5X:: to wet people
10X:: to throughly soak people
20X:: for complete insanity and soaking your opponent from head to feet in seconds...ahaha it is so great

All streams got same range, 12 metres, this is also great^^

Anyone who wants to battle against me? My CPS 1500 got everything now, may I build up a backpack but 3 litres is enough at the moment

!! Let's soak xD !!
A gunner has to do what his Soaker requires...
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Old 11-17-2010, 06:17 PM   #2
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Default Re: Upgrading CPS 1500, 2 X:: 5X:: 10 X:: 20 X::

Nice mods. I would have done more than 5 balloons, though. This should be in the modification section of SSC.
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