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Default HydroBrawl Water Warfare

Oddly enough, I never made a thread for my site here. There was one posted about HBWW being down, but it was only about that and is pretty old so I'll just start a new thread.

HBWW was pulled a fairly short time ago simply because the stuff on there was getting too outdated. (There were some things I didn't want to keep on there either.) I had ambitious plans for HBWW 2010 but never finished them and left things as they were.

However, recently I've started working on it again, and finally managed to bring online most of the site. It's somewhat messy and lacks the 2011 logo, amongst other pages, but hopefully all of that will be gone in 2012 when I intend to re-do HBWW's page structure with a proper HTML/CSS layout. I also created and organized directories, so old links are now obselete and I can't figure out how to create a 404 page for the site that'll work. (And I'm too lazy to create redirect pages to each possible old link individually; such a method would not be practical anyway.)

Here it is.


Edit: HBWW has moved to Wordpress: http://hbww.wordpress.com
HydroBrawl Water Warfare

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