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Old 03-12-2005, 07:33 PM   #1
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Default Article: When Enough is Good, Responsibility


As I came in from dinner this evening, I thought about what I wanted for my birthday. I thought about that Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gun I saw at Cabelas, and almost drooled. I thought about how neat it would be to take it into the garage and fire a few rounds at the target, and how cool it would be to show my 2 good friends. However what I was told was a completely different answer. Being 16, I have a lot of freedom and abilities; however Iím not completely free from parental concern. Put it plain and simple, my father does not want me to own another airsoft gun (this would be my second one; my first is a p-99 spring handgun.)


As the society of today dictates, we cannot always get what we want or need. Come on, you've heard it; I've heard it all the time. It's not fair that I cannot have this, it's not fair that I can't have this because of this or because this happened. The fact is parents today are overprotective; you would be stupid to deny it. Of course we all know that having that convenience of this blaster or that blaster would be nice, but sometimes you just have to make do.

Maybe your parents do think that you have too many "toy" blasters, as they may put it. Maybe they just hate guns, maybe they are just tired of looking at them, or fear for your safety. Either way I know I will not be getting what I want for my birthday. Sure I would be upset, but hey, it's another freedom Ill get to enjoy down the road when you turn 18. With a bit of work, you can make that time come quicker.

If it is not a matter of just safety, it may be something else. Sometimes just having enough money to get something won't cut it. Show responsibility and understanding. Do those chores you hate to do. Ask for your allowance, but do not pester 5 times a day for it. Be kind, help siblings, and eat at the table. Maintain a relationship with your parents, an even closer one. Try things they like to do, but not at the expense of giving up what you love to do. Show responsibility, it gets you far. I may not get the gun, but I bet if you show an even tighter trust towards your parents, that fear of having that "dang gun" will be gone, no matter what level of trust that arrow needs to hit.


It's worth a shot, worse case scenario is that they tell you no, or you never get that thing that you wanted. That's ok for some, 18 is right around the corner. This can apply a lot to soakers. Save your money, and spend it wisely. Wanting a gun and needing a gun are two different things. Make do and enjoy what you have, 'cause tomorrow it could be gone. Freedom and Trust are always something you can work towards. Always remember, it takes a long time to build trust, but 1 or 2 incidents to break it. Be good, stay in school, get good grades, be helpful, and that trust will be there for you.
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Dude, great article, but...

Sure I would be upset, but hey, it's another freedom Ill get to enjoy down the road when you turn 18.

^Why will you get to enjoy it when I turn 18?

^This was made by Superstormer. What, do you think it got here on its own?
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