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Default APH build for a newbie...

Hello all... I am looking forward to being a member of this forum. I am an electronics DIY'er, and love building neat stuff. This is something new. I read the blurb in the new Popular Science about the DIY Super Soaker, and have found what I believe is a comprehensive forum post on 5-29-10 by Ben that will be a good start. Parts list, build documentation, and some good faq's are included. If anyone can help me with any revisions to that post or anything else that will improve my experience, I would appreciate it. My grandsons, who are now old enough now to understand the appeal of water guns, will also appreciate it.

have a good day,

Jerry Perryman
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Default Re: APH build for a newbie...

Well, the APH guide is here, and I see that you found it.

But if you are looking for something different, all of the homemades in the "Notable Homemades" section of the site are very well developed and thought out.

Edit: Saw the date, and yes, that is the most recent update to the APH page. But it was created in '06, if I remember right.
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Default Re: APH build for a newbie...

Welcome to Super Soaker Central, Jerry! As zeda hinted, the Air Pressure Homemade guide doesn't change much. The other water guns aren't documented as thoroughly, but there's still plenty of information if you're interested in constant pressure and range, water guns with triggers and onboard reservoirs, etc. And we're told that JLSpacemarine will have information on his latest soaker up soon.

Finally, I personally enjoyed building and using a 2-liter homemade. Maybe, in a couple years, your grandkids will be old enough to build one of these?
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Old 07-17-2010, 02:48 PM   #4
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Default Re: APH build for a newbie...

Thanks for the replies...I'm enjoying exploring the forums and am amazed at how much info is out there. My image of the perfect gun for backyard play around the pool with these two kids and daughter is a gun with a reservoir similar to the cheaply made squirt guns sold retail but something made to last with better quality triggers and nozzles that are accurately positioned to go where you aim them. Thanks for the link to the CPS Assault rifle...that is what I'm imagining being able to build but with a trigger that a ten year old can pull and something that maybe weighs a little less when full that a ten year old can carry maybe with a shoulder strap. I've enjpyed what I've learned so far...thanks in advance for any more assistance or directions to links that you might offer.

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Default Re: APH build for a newbie...

If you need a trigger and don't want to simply use a ball valve (which can be difficult to operate while shooting), there may be other solutions you'll have to look into. The easiest is a garden hose nozzle but such inhibits performance severely.
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