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Old 06-28-2007, 08:11 PM   #1
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Talking Hey all!!

Hey everyone just saying hi. Names Jason and I'm 17 and love a good waterfight anytime! I'm more into water balloons because I have so much luck with them. For some reason I have always been super accurate with them and when I get them thrown at me they always bounce off me and pop on the ground. Anyways, I also love super soakers too. The CPS models are so sweet.
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Welcome to SSC. If you'd like, you can post battle reports, a list of water guns you have, etc. (though people prefer putting such lists in their signatures) Be sure to read around and/or ask if you'd like to know more about something (i.e. modding, tactics, etc.), someone's sure to reply.

Again, welcome to the forums.
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Welcome to SSCentral! Enjoy your stay.

Another water balloon warrior! I was one of those for 6 seasons of water warfare. That was a while ago though, I daresay my skills with a water balloon have become very rusty. If you have stories, we'd love to hear them [especially me], for such a style of fighting is growing rarer these days.
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Old 07-29-2007, 05:59 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by DX
If you have stories, we'd love to hear them [especially me], for such a style of fighting is growing rarer these days.

Extremely bored tonight so I guess I'll talk about my water balloon warfares. The thing I love the most about water balloons is their concealability. See, for me I started out with water balloon warfare back in like 1st grade. You could NEVER get away with sneaking a huge Super Soaker to school, but you could easily sneak in lots of unfilled balloons and then fill them at recess and then ambush your target and then send them home crying soaking wet. Oh yeah, and aiming for the front of the pants was always a huge plus if you get my drift.

I started really getting into it in my jr high school days because everyone would try to stage an ambush during lunch or in between classes and it was kind of fun always having to watch your six all the time. I have plenty of good water balloon stories to tell, but I'll limit it to just 2 tonight:

In high school, my friends and I were just hanging out and our usual hangout spot at lunch and we saw a bunch or jocks standing near the entrance of the cafeteria and we have a natural hatred towards jocks, so one of my friends had a single unfilled water balloon and he decided to fill it and throw it at the jocks as we ran away. Well, it seems that one of the jocks was wearing all white and he was drinking something that was red. Next thing we saw was the jocks running up to us and the jock in white was covered in red stuff. I laughed so hard I shot soda out my nose. Next day the jocks tried to get us back by ambushing us with a barrage of water balloons and as my luck would have it, not one balloon popped on me. I did get a little wet from spashback though, but I didn't care.

This really isn't much of an ambush, but rather just a very funny thing involving my little brother. Last Summer (not this current one), my brother was riding his bike doing drive-bys with his Super Soaker while other kids on the block were having waterfights. Anyways, I was on the porch with my friends just hanging out and watching the block. Kids across the street were taking pot shots at us with water guns and the hose. So my friends and I decided to fill up some water balloons and fight back. As we were waiting, some kid managed to sneak up on us and wet us with his water gun and I ran after the kid with a water balloon and chased him to the end of the sidewalk and threw the balloon at him as hard as I could, but right as the balloon left my hand, my brother rode by me and the balloon hit his head with such force that his helmet actually broke and the water in the balloon didn't even get him wet because it was such a fine mist. Luckily, he didn't get hurt, but dang, it was so loud when it hit him. I still tease him a bot for it.
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